Does a Roasted Pig Really Need a Pedigree

What type of pig should you roast? How should you pick out a pig? Does it need papers?

As with most pig roasters, when we first started roasting whole pigs, we would simply find a local farmer who raised pigs and trust his judgement. And we got good results that way.

Some pigs were fattier than others but overall, we never went wrong letting our local farmer select one for us.

However a few years ago I stumbled across a farmer who specialized in Yorkshire pigs. It was delicious. It was lean but not skinny or dried out. For that reason, for the past few years we have been hooked on those Yorkshire pigs.

So based upon my experience, if you run across a Yorkshire pig, you won’t be disappointed. Otherwise just look for a small farmer willing to work with you. Or if nothing else, ask your local butcher if they can get a pig for you.

I’m not sure if many of my guests would notice the difference between a Yorkshire and a non-pedigreed pig. And if I no longer could get a Yorkshire, I’d be just as happy with a local farmer’s no-name pig. But since I have a good source for them at a reasonable price, that’s my first choice for a roasted pig.

So skip the whole family-tree research and just get a good pig and enjoy your own pig roast!

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