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Pig Roast Utensils and Tools

There are several utensils that I’ve picked up over time and found to be useful for a pig roast (and a few useless ones too :-)  ). In other articles I’ve talked about the convenience of having a reliable digital thermometer, a cotton mop to swab the pig with, and a few other items. I’ll list those here as well so it is all in one place but feel free to follow those links to read more if desired. Below …

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Pig Roast Side Dishes – Baked Beans

Skip down to Bean Pot equipment… Skip down to Baked Beans recipe… One of my favorite side dishes to serve at a whole pig roast is baked beans. They just seem to go together perfectly! And with an authentic bean pot (more on a bean pot later) and a great recipe (I’ll share my baked bean recipe below), the beans will be a big hit. As you can almost taste in the photo to the left, baked beans just seem …

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The Meat Thermometer I Use For Pig Roasts

The meat thermometer I’ve found to work best for pig roasts is a small wireless one. I got my  from Amazon for around fifty bucks. It has several features that come in real handy for a pig roast that I will point out later in this article. Meat Thermometer Description First a description of the thermometer. It is actually 2 thermometers in one unit — one for the meat and the other for the smoker. It has 2 probes. One …

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