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The Meat Thermometer I Use For Pig Roasts

The meat thermometer I’ve found to work best for pig roasts is a small wireless one. I got my¬† from Amazon for around fifty bucks. It has several features that come in real handy for a pig roast that I will point out later in this article. Meat Thermometer Description First a description of the thermometer. It is actually 2 thermometers in one unit — one for the meat and the other for the smoker. It has 2 probes. One …

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Is It Ready Yet? Roasting a Whole Pig

If you have never roasted a whole pig before, be aware that it is not a quick process. In fact, if your butcher or neighbor gives you an estimate on the time to roast your pig, be prepared for it to take longer than that. Especially if you have a back yard filled with excited guests waiting to taste it. But one thing you should never do is to rush the pig just to placate your ever-rowdier crowds. Plan ahead …

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