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Pig Roast Side Dishes – Baked Beans

Skip down to Bean Pot equipment… Skip down to Baked Beans recipe… One of my favorite side dishes to serve at a whole pig roast is baked beans. They just seem to go together perfectly! And with an authentic bean pot (more on a bean pot later) and a great recipe (I’ll share my baked bean recipe below), the beans will be a big hit. As you can almost taste in the photo to the left, baked beans just seem …

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What To Bring To a Pig Roast

Knowing what you should bring to a pig roast can be a challenge. Of course you can ask your host and hostess what they would like. But if they respond like I do (“We’re all set… just show up!”), you won’t get anywhere with that. And of course, any self-respecting host of a pig roast is likely going to have more food than any small army can possibly devour in an afternoon. But I know there are some folks who …

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How We Serve Pig Roast Side Dishes

At our annual pig roast, we welcome everyone to come over without bringing any side dishes and such. I make it clear that we have plenty of food for everyone and don’t need more. Even with that, we still have lots of people who feel uncomfortable showing up empty-handed. At first, we fretted over unplanned side dishes. Now, we just graciously accept that some just have to bring something, so we plan in advance what to do with the assortment …

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