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Spit Roast Hire

I had an email from an Australian reader asking about a “spit roast hire”. A spit roast is a term used for a roasted pig or other meat on a spit or rotisserie and a spit roast hire is the rental of a spit and possibly a caterer as well.  Just to clarify, in the US, the term is “spit roast rental” rather than “spit roast hire”, but either way you say it, here are some tips. If you are looking for a spit …

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Spit Roast BBQ

By Jim Smith Having a spit roast barbeque is a spectacle for your guests. Even though I am partial to roasted pigs, one of my favorite spit roast BBQ’s was a steamship round. Some neighbors invited us to the backyard event and we could see the massive beef from afar. It was slowly cooking and the designated roaster stood by with tools ready. He would mop the beef with a “secret sauce” to keep it moist and flavorful. Every so …

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A Whole Pig Roasted In The Ground

My pig roast events generally are a variation on slowly smoking and roasting the pig for 20-24 hours laid out on a grill over oak wood. It entails tending the fire all night and all the next day — a major task for all involved. I had a bright idea of how much easier it would be to dig a hole start a massive fire for coals, wrap the pig in burlap bags, and dump the pig in the hole …

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