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Fresh Horseradish Recipes and Sides

In a previous article, I told how to make your own fresh horseradish sauce and promised some horseradish recipes to come. If you like horseradish sauce and have not had the fresh stuff, try it! You will be astounded with the difference between store-bought jars of sauce and the flavor treat of homemade! Here are some horseradish recipes and ideas on how to use some of that special flavor explosion. Offer a little bowl of fresh horseradish sauce beside a …

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Fresh Horseradish Sauce (So Hot… So Good!)

A pig roast can be even better when you offer a bowl of homemade fresh horseradish sauce. But just because I don’t have a whole pig around the house today doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make some fresh horseradish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseradish). First, if you enjoy those little bottles of horseradish from the refrigerated section of your grocery store but have never tried it fresh, you are in for a real treat! And it is easy to make if you have a food …

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Boneless Pork Roast

If a whole pig roast is too much for you to undertake, how about a boneless pork roast? You can slowly cook it on a spit (rotisserie), in your Brinkman smoker, or even in your oven. Slowly smoking a boneless pork roast is likely the best flavored way to prepare it (of course that is my bias showing!), but there are other delicious ways to prepare it as well. If you are smoking it, try to keep the temperature of …

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