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The Meat Thermometer I Use For Pig Roasts

The meat thermometer I’ve found to work best for pig roasts is a small wireless one. I got my¬† from Amazon for around fifty bucks. It has several features that come in real handy for a pig roast that I will point out later in this article. Meat Thermometer Description First a description of the thermometer. It is actually 2 thermometers in one unit — one for the meat and the other for the smoker. It has 2 probes. One …

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Hey, The Pig’s On Fire!

July 28, 2013 — Here are words you never want to hear when you have been cooking a whole pig over a bed of embers or on a Caja China Roasting Box for 20 hours and you have a back yard filling up with hungry friends and neighbors… “Yer pig’s on fire!!”. But it happened. It was a nice warm July weekend for the party. Guests were nibbling on chips and snacks, eagerly awaiting for the time that the pig …

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More Than One Way To Skin a Pig

A reader here mentioned she and her husband were looking forward to their first pig roast. Then she said that the butcher was going to skin a pig for them. Now that got my attention. I’ve never had, or been to a pig roast where the pig was skinned. I asked her for a report including photos to share when it was done. She did so and here are some photos and her notes. Click any photo to enlarge it. …

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