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Spit Roast Hire

I had an email from an Australian reader asking about a “spit roast hire”. A spit roast is a term used for a roasted pig or other meat on a spit or rotisserie and a spit roast hire is the rental of a spit and possibly a caterer as well.  Just to clarify, in the US, the term is “spit roast rental” rather than “spit roast hire”, but either way you say it, here are some tips. If you are looking for a spit …

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Does a Roasted Pig Really Need a Pedigree

What type of pig should you roast? How should you pick out a pig? Does it need papers? As with most pig roasters, when we first started roasting whole pigs, we would simply find a local farmer who raised pigs and trust his judgement. And we got good results that way. Some pigs were fattier than others but overall, we never went wrong letting our local farmer select one for us. However a few years ago I stumbled across a farmer …

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