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A Whole Pig Roasted In The Ground

My pig roast events generally are a variation on slowly smoking and roasting the pig for 20-24 hours laid out on a grill over oak wood. It entails tending the fire all night and all the next day — a major task for all involved. I had a bright idea of how much easier it would be to dig a hole start a massive fire for coals, wrap the pig in burlap bags, and dump the pig in the hole …

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Is It Ready Yet? Roasting a Whole Pig

If you have never roasted a whole pig before, be aware that it is not a quick process. In fact, if your butcher or neighbor gives you an estimate on the time to roast your pig, be prepared for it to take longer than that. Especially if you have a back yard filled with excited guests waiting to taste it. But one thing you should never do is to rush the pig just to placate your ever-rowdier crowds. Plan ahead …

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