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Slowww Roasted Whole Pig — Yum!

If you have the patience, a pig that has been slowly roasted over a low bed of smokey coals is the best way to create an unforgettable event! It requires a rotation of “pig sitters” because this pig will be slowly cooked for about 24 hours. Here’s how we did our slow-roasted pigs. We dug a pig pit in the back yard that was not much bigger in width and 3 foot bigger in length of a good-sized pig (between …

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Ways To Roast a Whole Pig

There are numerous ways to roast a whole pig. Much of it depends on your level of adventure, your willingness to spend time tending to the tasks, and the nature of the event. Everyone has their favorite method and when you talk with them, many will swear that theirs is best and all others are below par for whatever reason. However, with most popular methods, you won’t go wrong as long as you learn a bit about the method you …

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