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More Than One Way To Skin a Pig

a skinned pig for a pig roast

Presenting a skinned pig

A reader here mentioned she and her husband were looking forward to their first pig roast. Then she said that the butcher was going to skin the pig for them. Now that got my attention. I’ve never had, or been to a pig roast where the pig was skinned. I asked her for a report including photos to share when it was done. She did so and here are some photos and her notes. Click any photo to enlarge it.

We got a whole pig, skin off and then my husband and a friend of my father-in-law butchered it. They then wrapped each section in heavy duty aluminum foil and put them in the smoker. 

They put the meat on around 7:00 am and it was finished cooking around 4:00 pm, turning all the meat once every hour. 

We only used salt & pepper this time and the meat was so tender and juicy!  

Was it a success? You bet! She suggested that they are even going to try to make it a twice a year event!

Checking the pigRoasted Pig The guest of honor arrivesChecking the roasted pigThe pig arrives