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Pig Roast Side Dishes – Baked Beans

Skip down to Bean Pot equipment… Skip down to Baked Beans recipe… One of my favorite side dishes to serve at a whole pig roast is baked beans. They just seem to go together perfectly! And with an authentic bean pot (more on a bean pot later) and a great recipe (I’ll share my baked bean recipe below), the beans will be a big hit. As you can almost taste in the photo to the left, baked beans just seem …

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Spit Roast BBQ

By Jim Smith Having a spit roast barbeque is a spectacle for your guests. Even though I am partial to roasted pigs, one of my favorite spit roast BBQ’s was a steamship round. Some neighbors invited us to the backyard event and we could see the massive beef from afar. It was slowly cooking and the designated roaster stood by with tools ready. He would mop the beef with a “secret sauce” to keep it moist and flavorful. Every so …

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