Spit Roast Hire

I had an email from an Australian reader asking about a “spit roast hire”. A spit roast is a term used for a roasted pig or other meat on a spit or rotisserie and a spit roast hire is the rental of a spit and possibly a caterer as well.  Just to clarify, in the US, the term is “spit roast rental” rather than “spit roast hire”, but either way you say it, here are some tips.

If you are looking for a spit roast for hire, here are three things to consider.

  • Do you prefer a charcoal spit or a gas spit?
  • Do you want to hire a caterer as well as hiring a spit?
  • Are you planning on roasting a whole pig or hog? Or a boneless pork roast or even a Greek-style lamb or goat?

Charcoal or Gas

Charcoal made from hardwood like oak or mesquite will be much more flavorful. But gas is easier to use and control. Of course if you hire an experienced caterer who offers a choice of gas or charcoal, I would recommend charcoal anytime.

Hire a Spit And a Caterer

I’ve roasted many pigs and other meats so it doesn’t worry me to take care of the roasting. But if you are hiring a spit for the first time, unless you are very adventuresome, it might be wise to hire a caterer and spit to take care of everything so you can enjoy your party.

What To Roast On The Spit

If this is a refined event such as a wedding, a pig roast can be fun but might be a bit messy for the occasion. A steamship round of beef might be a better selection while still providing a spectacular show. On the other hand, if the event is less formal, roasting a whole pig on a spit can be an event that your guests talk about for a long time after. Consider the sensitivities of your guests if you decide to roast a whole goat or lamb (or even a pig). It would be too bad to do all that work only to find that many key guests are offended or grossed out by seeing a whole animal being cooked on a skewer. But for most, the event will be  a wonderful time and one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

So whether you hire a spit roast or include a catering company, plan on having a lot of fun. Decide how you will approach the event and look forward to a wonderful extravaganza!

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