Spit Roast Catering Events

Spit roast catered event

Spit Roast Catering Event’s Rewards!

A pig roast is a lot of work so hiring a spit roast catering company can be an attractive alternative. A pig cooked on a spit can be a spectacular sight for guests and having the event catered makes it appealing to the host as well as the guests.

Of course for us do-it-yourself kinds, farming the chore of cooking the pig seems like it is cheating. But every year, as our event gets bigger and bigger, there is a great temptation of having a caterer come in with a shining stainless steel pig spit (rotisserie), cook the pig, serve it, and then clean up the mess after the guest have had their fill. We haven’t done that yet, but it might happen some year.

Of course if you are not experienced in roasting pigs — whether the pig is on a spit, a grill, or the pig is buried in the ground, it might be worth the trouble just to see what the experience is like. After that first time, either you will be hooked on roasting a pig yourself, or you will feel overwhelmed with the level of work and detail and opt to call a caterer familiar with pig roasts, and let them handle it. Which ever you decide, the important thing is to enjoy yourselves and have fun at the event. That’s what a pig roast is all about!

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