Pig Marinade — A Mop Recipe

A roast pig can be enhanced by wiping a concoction of goodies over it every hour or two. You will need a lot of it and the nastier it looks, the better it will likely taste. It is called a “mop” because that is literally what you do — you mop it on the pig. I use a small cotton mop and make the mop mix in a large pot from the kitchen. I chop the handle down but you may want to use it with the long handle to reach over the coals with it.

Whole Pig Roast Mop

Mop The Pig Hourly

Ingredients vary depending on what I have at hand and what can be found in the store. I usually use around a gallon of white wine or white wine vinegar, 3-4 lemons cut in half and squeezed in and then the rinds thrown in the mop mix as well (take those pesky stickers off the lemon rind and wash the rinds before using them). I add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, some fresh thyme, and lots of pepper. Toss in a cup of oil to keep it all loose. I break apart 6-12 heads of garlic and smash the cloves and toss those in as well. No need to get all the skin off the garlic — throw some of that in the pot too!

I don’t use any sugar or molasses in it because that tends to burn on the pig but if you have a sweet tooth, toss it in there too!

Sometimes I add some chicken stock to the mix but if you do that, you need to keep the mop mixture chilled so the stock doesn’t spoil. With all the vinegar, I’m not sure it would anyway but when I have 100 people coming, I don’t take any chances!

Stir it all together and throw in a few of your own “secret ingredients” as well. Our pig roasts are lake-side so when guests ask me what is in the mop mix, I just tell them it is just dirty polluted lake water with stuff floating in it. They tend to stop asking after that! Have fun with the pig mop. Make the mop mixture your own and create some tall tales about it to make the event even more of a blast for everyone!

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