How We Serve Pig Roast Side Dishes

At our annual pig roast, we welcome everyone to come over without bringing any side dishes and such. I make it clear that we have plenty of food for everyone and don’t need more. Even with that, we still have lots of people who feel uncomfortable showing up empty-handed. At first, we fretted over unplanned side dishes. Now, we just graciously accept that some just have to bring something, so we plan in advance what to do with the assortment of food that arrives unexpected. And that way, everyone is happy! (view an article with tips for pig roast side dishes).

That plan includes making sure that any desserts that arrive are directed inside where someone is informally in charge of putting them in the kitchen to be opened and served at the appropriate time. Salads are on a table with some ice trays to keep them chilled.

Pig Roast Side Salads

Making Side Salads at a Pig Roast

Hot items are placed on a wooden table that won’t get destroyed by the heat. Wines are kept inside near the corkscrew. With just a bit of forethought in place, guests can be welcomed and any accompanying sides can be easily handled.

Although we invite guests without asking them to bring anything along, there are certain exceptions. I have one friend who makes an amazing fresh garlicky Caesar salad. The first year, he brought enough for a half dozen people. Now I always encourage him to bring enough of his specialty for 50 people. And I make sure I get my share of it before it is all gone! Someone else is known for her yummy chocolate-chip cookies. She gets as much pleasure out of bringing them as my guests have eating them. Someone else brings a great Spanish beans and rice dish that guests look forward to seeing. How can you say no to such talented friends??

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