Fresh Horseradish Recipes and Sides

fresh horseradish recipesIn a previous article, I told how to make your own fresh horseradish sauce and promised some horseradish recipes to come. If you like horseradish sauce and have not had the fresh stuff, try it! You will be astounded with the difference between store-bought jars of sauce and the flavor treat of homemade! Here are some horseradish recipes and ideas on how to use some of that special flavor explosion.

Offer a little bowl of fresh horseradish sauce beside a whole roasted pig or even just with a salty smoked ham. Of course you can use it as a great condiment for the traditional slab of beef.

For a fresh side dish, stir a bit into some cottage cheese with a bit of salt in it. Add some minced fresh parsley to give it some nice color as well.

And if you make your own cocktail sauce for shrimp, use some of your fresh horseradish recipe instead of the store-bought stuff for a real treat! Simple can be delicious.

If you haven’t tried making shrimp cocktail sauce, just mix a half cup or so of ketchup (depending on how much cocktail sauce you want) with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, and a spoonful of your fresh horseradish sauce and squeeze a quarter of a lemon in it. Stir and taste. Adjust as needed. Shrimp have never tasted so gooood!

For a special occasion (you know… like any day that the sun is shining or that the clouds are clouding), put some of your horseradish sauce in the food processor and blend it to a puree and add some mayo to make a nice creamy horseradish sauce. Cook a nice pork tenderloin, coated with salt and pepper, slice it into medallions, and spoon a bit of the creamy horseradish recipe over top of it with some fresh green chives as garnish. Your guest will love you for it!

I hope that gives you some ideas for creating your own horseradish recipe. Let me know if you have any questions. And of course, feel free to share your own recipes or suggestions.


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