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A Class Reunion and a Pig Roast

My wife and I just attended a class reunion of hers in upstate New York which included a fun pig roast. The reunion committee hired a local farmer/ pig roaster to take care of roasting the whole pig for them. It was a wonderful event. If you are ever in need of an event in the upstate New York region and don’t want to take it on yourself, contact Tom Giles with the Maple Valley Farms at 607-739-3215. He has …

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Is It Ready Yet? Roasting a Whole Pig

If you have never roasted a whole pig before, be aware that it is not a quick process. In fact, if your butcher or neighbor gives you an estimate on the time to roast your pig, be prepared for it to take longer than that. Especially if you have a back yard filled with excited guests waiting to taste it. But one thing you should never do is to rush the pig just to placate your ever-rowdier crowds. Plan ahead …

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Ways To Roast a Whole Pig

There are numerous ways to roast a whole pig. Much of it depends on your level of adventure, your willingness to spend time tending to the tasks, and the nature of the event. Everyone has their favorite method and when you talk with them, many will swear that theirs is best and all others are below par for whatever reason. However, with most popular methods, you won’t go wrong as long as you learn a bit about the method you …

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